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New York Jets Release Kris Jenkins, Jason Taylor, Damien Woody, and Vernon Gholston

The Jets have released four players.

Despite the NFL's labor uncertainty, the New York Jets began the process Monday of paring their roster, releasing right tackle Damien Woody. The Jets also will release nose tackle Kris Jenkins, linebacker Jason Taylor and defensive end Vernon Gholston, according to league sources.

The move will create around $13.5 million in new cap space for the team to deal with its other more prominent free agents. Gholston and Taylor were underachieving reserves. Jenkins had not consistently been on the field since 2008. Woody is coming off a serious injury that could affect his mobility at a position where an initial burst is extremely important.

I hope the team resigns Jenkins to a cheaper deal. He is next to impossible to block when he is actually on the field. At the right price, he could potentially be a bargain.

I am not as upset to see the others go. I liked Woody a lot, but asking him to overcome an injury might have been a bit much. Taylor and Gholston were not the impact players the team hoped they were getting. Gholston in particular will go down as one of the great busts in Draft history.