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Damien Woody: Stay or Go? Part 3: The Vote

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During the season, I saw some people around here comment that the Jets should cut Damien Woody during the offseason. That struck me as a bit crazy at the time. He was playing at an exceptionally high level and was the best man the Jets had for the right tackle position.

His injury makes things entirely different now. Woody suffered a serious injury that could hinder his ability to get off the snap quickly even if everything goes well (and that is a big if). He might not be as good as Wayne Hunter or even Vladimir Ducasse. In an ideal world, he would have stayed healthy and given Ducasse another year on the bench.

I really, really like Woody so this pains me to say it, but the team has to think very hard about the over $3 million in savings letting Woody go would provide in cap space. The NFL is a brutal and unfair business. Given his current condition, the Jets probably would have a difficult time keeping Woody around at that price. They could spend it to find less of a question mark as far as health goes even if not comfortable with Hunter or Ducasse.

Maybe the team could work something out to bring him into camp for the minimum.

How do you vote?