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Kris Jenkins: Stay or Go? Part 4: The Vote

I think bringing back Kris Jenkins would be a good move for the Jets. Even if he is getting reduced snaps, the impact he makes while in the game is great. The team does have to face the realities of his cost, though. Jenkins did say he would have retired a year ago if not for Rex Ryan. It is always difficult to tell how much of this is lip service and how much is real, but Jenkins is another guy who falls into the category of having a complete career and made a lot of money. The reasons for him to come back would be love of the game and chasing a ring.

Would he be willing to restructure his deal to help the team? Nobody can say for sure, but it is worth looking into. I think the team should try and work with him to find some middle ground that makes sense for both sides. The Jets should keep him happy while attempting to create some extra cap space.

I vote restructure the contract. How do you vote?