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Kris Jenkins: Stay or Go? Part 2: On Field Success

Any argument for keeping Kris Jenkins hinges on his success on the field. He is exceptionally difficult to block. Even when he is double teamed, his quick first step combined with his 350 pound frame is a handful for opposing offensive lines.

The plan for the Jets in 2010 seemed to hinge around having Sione Pouha and Kris Jenkins together on the same line. Two nose tackles consistently drawing double teams would stuff opposing run games and make the pass rush better. Having linemen occupy blockers the way they would have would have given other rushers less guys to beat.

The Jets did not really miss him much in the run game, but they could have used him to help with the pass rush. The dream of the double nose tackle front could become a reality if the team does bring back Kris in 2011. Even though the Jets have had a defense rated near the top of the league the past two years largely without him, the unit could get even better with what the big lineman can add to the mix.