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Kris Jenkins: Stay or Go? Part 1: Introduction

In basketball players like LeBron James are sometimes referred to as point forwards. Players like him have the big build and skills to thrive at forward but also skills to play the guard position well. I often think of Kris Jenkins as the football version of a point forward. During his time in Carolina, he made three Pro Bowls playing undertackle, a position where he had to play one gap and penetrate to make plays. After his trade to the Jets, he used his 350+ pound frame and excellent strength effectively as a two gap nose tackle. His job became to occupy two gaps.

The questions surrounding Jenkins deal with his ability to stay on the field. Coming off consecutive devastating injuries, some wonder whether he can recover to stay on the field. The Jets could save $4.6 million against the cap by cutting him.

This decision is among the most interesting the team will have to make this offseason.