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Jason Taylor: Stay or Go? Part 6: The Vote

I do not think Jason Taylor is finished as a player. He did some good things for the Jets this season, mainly against the run. I am also, however, not sure he can provide the team with what it needs. Gang Green needs pass rushers at the outside linebacker position. Taylor did not do a great job in this area in 2010.

I know there is a tendency to not want too much turnover at a given position. Stability for the sake of stability, though, does not make a ton of sense to me. The Jets need better production from their outside linebackers. If the choice is between keeping Bryan Thomas and Jason Taylor, I would probably choose Taylor due to his track record of getting to the quarterback. I think the team needs to revamp the position, though.

I vote go on Jason Taylor's status with Gang Green in 2011. How do you vote?