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Jason Taylor: Stay or Go? Part 3: Clutch Player

The two plays pictured above were the two best plays of Jason Taylor's 2010 season. Both came in the closing minutes of games against elite competition and helped the Jets close out victories. That gave Taylor the reputation of being a clutch guy and leads many to overlook what was a disappointing year in other areas.

I am not sure I agree with that analysis. Do not get me wrong. Those were both outstanding plays and helped the Jets win. I would urge caution on using them to define one player's entire season, though. Should we judge Dwight Lowery's season on his interception to close out the Vikings and fumble recovery to ice the win against the Broncos in 2010? Those both closed games out. Taylor's plays were excellent. I would note, however, that with a 14 point lead and under 5:00 to go against the Patriots, the Jets probably would have won that game anyway. In addition, the Steelers still had the ball with a chance to win on the last play of the game. Let us not go overboard.

I would argue one reason these plays stood out was they were among the few impact plays Jason Taylor made in 2010. He was generally silent otherwise. In the Playoffs, he barely made a peep. There are valid reasons to want him back next season, but I do not think clutchness should be among them.