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Robert Turner: Stay or Go?

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The Jets signed Robert Turner as an undrafted free agent out of New Mexico in 2007. He stuck on the roster and eventually took on roles as a top backup lineman, a tight end in jumbo sets, and even as a defensive lineman on the goal line when the team was thin.

Turner gained fame as the guy Rex Ryan sent to fight Vernon Gholston to light a fire under Gholston. It was with good reason. Turner is always pushing the line as a player. He is the guy you always have to worry about doing something stupid like his costly and idiotic 15 yard penalty for a cheap shot against the Texans this year or his trash talking of Tom Brady during the 45-3 game.

Turner does some good things also. He was a pretty good blocker on the kick return team and helped spring some big returns. He was decent as a blocking tight end. He is all right as a backup interior lineman also. He is not athletic enough to trust the edge with as say Wayne Hunter is, but he can work in short space decently against less than stellar competition. His brief work in relief of Nick Mangold against Casey Hampton in the AFC Championship Game, though, cemented his "good backup, lousy starter" reputation. You can get away with him for a short time, but he will be exposed against the best.

Turner is a restricted free agent. I think the Jets should stick the lowest tender on him. He will probably not command a bidding war. He does enough to warrant sticking around another year.