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Vernon Gholston: Stay or Go? Part 4: The Vote

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I disagreed when Jets brought Vernon Gholston back last year. The team, however, wanted to give him one last chance. It did not go well. I do not think there is any reason to bring Gholston back for a fourth year in green and white. Some people might worry that he will use this as motivation to sign with another team and get back at the Jets. I am not sure anybody making this argument has watched him play these three years. If you have, you will be much less worried. If Rex Ryan could not get this guy to produce, it is not clear that anybody can. I am not even convinced any other team will do anything more than bring him in for a look in training camp. He would probably get nothing more than the minimum if not end up in the UFL.

I do not think it would be wise to continue having Vernon Gholston occupy a spot on the roster that could go to somebody better. Because of this, I vote go.

How do you vote?