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Vernon Gholston: Stay or Go? Part 3: No Excuses

The last two offseasons, I have heard people say it was too soon to give up on Vernon Gholston. They said he needed more time and that it was too early to judge. They said maybe a coaching change, a scheme change, or a position change would help fix him. I disagreed entirely, but it these opinions were no less legitimate. They no longer exist today, however.

The Jets have tried just about everything with Vernon Gholston. He has had two coaches and two defensive schemes to try and figure things out. The second coach has gotten improvement out of almost every defensive player on the roster. He is one of the best defensive coaches in the game.

Some believed he just could not make the transition to standing up as a rush linebacker. The Jets stuck him at defensive end this year and attempted to use his size and strength. He still made little impact. It is to the point where he sticks out and gets praise if he does anything reasonably well on the field because that happens so rarely.

I am not sure what the problem is. Gholston has exceptional physical ability. I am not sure why he could not put it together even a little. I am not going to question a guy's heart or desire. I will, however, say that his effort on the field does not indicate glowing things. He takes plays off.

In any even, Gholston has had ample opportunities. He is just about out of excuses for his poor play.