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SB Nation at the NFL Combine

In case you are interested in the Combine taking place in Indianapolis, SB Nation is launching pretty expansive coverage.

Our friend Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings fame has his list of the top five players who have something to gain. Click here for the story.

We also have a number of bloggers live on the ground in Indianapolis. Check out the Story Stream on the mother site by clicking here. God bless the people on the ground. You probably could not pay me enough to watch a bunch of football players take part in track drills.

I am sure we will talk about developments there a bit, but I do find the Combine a bit overrated. It can verify certain traits a guy puts on film, but performance on the field with pads on making cuts, stopping, and starting is more significant than a bunch of drills in shorts. Some of the drills can illuminate how valid some of the attributes on film really are, and the personal interviews reveal a lot about the maturity of these guys. The medical tests also show us how at risk these guys are. I am always leery, though, of guys whose stock jumps after the last college games have been played.