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Rumor: New York Jets Might Make Cuts in the Next Week

As much as I dislike passing off a Pro Football Talk rumor, they do have one that deals with the Jets with Mike Tannenbaum quotes backing it up.

When asked about Vernon Gholston, Tannenbaum said they still had a "couple of days" before making any final decisions on cutting players.  Jason Taylor is expected to be released, but Tannenbaum wouldn’t go into details.

"There are some loose ends we want to get taken care of by the end of the league year," Tannenbaum.

There are plenty of suspects who will likely either be asked to restructure or be cut. Jason Taylor and Vernon Gholston are obvious ones, but there are a number of others. There might even be some surprises.

Who could have seen the Jets restructuring the contract of and then cutting Laveranues Coles two offseasons ago?  There also might be some cost cutting cuts to guys who will then be resigned in the mold of what the team did with Brandon Moore two years ago.

Who do you think will be released by the team to free up space for the other free agents? Who should have their deal restructured? Who is potentially on the cutting room block that the team should not decide to live without?