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Kris Jenkins Says He Is On Track

In a chat yesterday, Kris Jenkins indicated he is where he wants to be as far as his rehab from his second torn ACL in two years goes.

"It's coming along OK ... You have to understand that I am 31 and I am a defensive tackle. Players take a pounding at the interior defensive line. I'm rehabbing my knee as well as my whole body to overcome the effects of age and wear and tear. I'm taking it one day at a time, but I think I'm where I need to be at the end of February.’’

The Jets clearly will have a big decision to make on their big tackle, and we will be sure to discuss it soon on GGN. I am just glad he is planning on coming back in 2011. After he reportedly considered retirement a year ago instead of rehabbing that knee, it was not clear whether he would want to go through the grueling process again. Whether it is in New York or not, Kris deserves to go out on his terms and continue to play the game he loves for as long as he wants.