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Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum Will Star on CSI: New York

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New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum last appeared on a hit television show playing themselves on Hard Knocks. The duo will appear on CBS' CSI: New York.

Ryan, the Jets coach, and GM Mike Tannenbaum will appear in an episode of CSI: NY on CBS later this spring. No word if any bombs will threaten the duo, but Ryan won't be able to use the F-bombs he regularly dropped on HBO's Hard Knocks last summer.

I seriously doubt whether these guys will get writers who can possibly make them as entertaining as they were off the cuff on HBO. I am thinking the Jets are favorites to be on Hard Knocks again in 2011 because they are the only team that could possibly top the show that was put on last summer.

I am guessing since the show is based in New York, these guys will be playing themselves. Do we have any fans of this program? Is it worth watching?