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Bryan Thomas: Stay or Go? Part 3: The Vote

I think the Jets need a complete renovation of their outside linebacking corps. When a 3-4 defense needs to blitz to generate pressure, it is an indictment of the outside linebackers. Bryan Thomas is a nice player in some areas, but he cannot do the most important job at his position well.

Thomas has had an interesting career in green and white. There have been times where it looked like he was on the verge of becoming a real impact player. I even had hope after his big Week 1 against the Ravens in 2010 that Rex Ryan might help him turn the corner with a year in a new system under his belt. It never happened, though.

Cutting Thomas gives the team an extra $3.7 million in cap space. That money could provide a nice down payment or at least part of one on a guy like Mathias Kiwanuka or somebody similar who could improve the pass rush.

How do you vote?