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Wayne Hunter: Stay or Go? Part 4: The Vote

I think the uncertainty surrounding Damien Woody and Vladimir Ducasse totally changes what the Jets' outlook on Wayne Hunter should be. Had Woody stayed healthy and looked like a sound bet to return and be productive, Hunter would be a nice luxury. If the team could resign him, great. If not, Woody could mentor Ducasse.

With Woody recovering from a serious injury, I think it becomes very important to resign Wayne Hunter. He is a valuable insurance policy. He now has shown he can handle the right tackle job adequately if unspectacularly. He has developed some chemistry with the other linemen. He is ready to go in case Woody and Ducasse are not. He also should not command a great deal of money.

I am not going to make Hunter out to be Jake Long. He still has a decent amount of value to the Jets. I want him to remain in green and white. My vote is stay.

How do you vote?