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Wayne Hunter: Stay or Go? Part 3: The Damien Woody and Vladimir Ducasse Factors

The Jets have a bit of uncertainty when it comes to the right tackle position. The incumbent starter, Damien Woody, is coming off a torn Achilles tendon. That is a serious injury and difficult to come back from for anybody, especially a 33 year old. Will Woody want to do the rehab? Will he retire? How good will he be even if he returns?

The Jets took Vladimir Ducasse in last year's Draft presumably to take over for Woody one day, but his rookie season left more questions than answers. He has only been playing football for a few years and is still learning the game. He played at a low level in college. NFL speed is a major transition. He appeared to be struggling with all of these things in preseason. He could not identify or gain leverage against his men. While he did look better and more comfortable in limited action later in the year, it is worth asking whether he is yet capable of being trusted to protect the edge. One day he might be. Will that day be in 2011? It seems like a lot to ask.

When looking at the position, the Jets must consider these things.