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Steve Weatherford: Stay or Go? Part 4: The Vote

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Despite Steve Weatherford's postseason struggles, this vote seems pretty simple to me. The team is comfortable with him. He is comfortable with the new stadium. He did a great job in 2010 as well. He has earned the chance to return to Gang Green. Perhaps he has turned a corner at age 28. If he has not, the team will be like most others in the league and still going year to year in searching for a punter.

His ability to execute fake punts well is a bonus even if some question the wisdom of when the team attempts fakes. So is his solid holding for field goals and extra points. It is not like the team will have to break the bank for a punter either. Some money is going to have to be spent for one. It might as well go to Weatherford.

My vote is to keep Steve Weatherford around. How do you vote?