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Steve Weatherford: Stay or Go? Part 1: Introduction

Steve Weatherford has been something of a journeyman in his NFL career. That is typical fare for a punter, who have good and bad seasons and frequently move to new teams. He was signed by the Saints as an undrafted rookie in 2006, cut and resigned before the first game. He lasted in New Orleans until 2008. He had short runs in Kansas City and Jacksonville that year, was cut again by the Jaguars just before the 2009 regular season started, and ended up with the Jets. Gang Green had a revolving door of punters come to Florham Park that offseason, signing and cutting guys as if some sort of bonus came from doing so.

Weatherford has brought a degree of stability to the position since arriving. He is probably best remembered for ordering the team Shake Weights in training camp as documented by Hard Knocks. Some speculate this gave him the edge to win the position in 2010 over T.J. Conley.

Steve is now set to become a free agent.