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Bob Sanders: Pursue or No? Part 4: The Vote

I think Bob Sanders could make sense for the Jets but only in very limited circumstances. I do not think the team should sign him to replace Brodney Pool. Sanders and Jim Leonhard would not compliment each other well. In fact, they are clones in many ways. They are both really small and best against the run. In today's game of athletic pass catching tight ends, I do not like the idea of having a safety pair both better against the run than the pass. Gang Green would also have the smallest pair of safeties in the league.

I also do not think the Jets could justify paying more than the league minimum. There is no indication the guy can stay healthy. Any more money could very well be an unnecessary gamble.

The role I think Sanders could potentially thrive in is Eric Smith's role. He could play close to the line in subpackages, better than linebackers in coverage but better than most safeties against the run. I know he would be smaller than Smith, and having him play near the line might be a risk in this regard. He does his best work there, though.

I also think limiting his snaps would cut down on the wear and tear and make him less likely to go down. He could start in a pinch in case of injuries.

I do not expect this to happen. I think some team in need of a safety will give him more money and playing time trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Under the circumstances I outlined, though, I could see the Jets pursuing him.

How do you vote?