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Bob Sanders: Pursue or No? Part 3: Injuries

The real issue with Bob Sanders has not been his play on the field. It is his ability to stay on the field. He has never played a full 16 game season. He has only played more than 6 games twice. That is quite striking.

His injuries have been all over the lot. He has had a couple of arm ailments. His ankle has been injured. So has his knee. This is very worrisome. He is only 5'8" and 206 pounds. There have to be legitimate questions about his small body's ability to absorb punishment.

This could work in a suitor's favor. Since he has all of these injury concerns, it would be difficult to imagine a team making a huge offer to him. The last guy to roll the dice, Bill Polian, lost. He could turn out to be a great bargain since he is very good against the run.

This would be a "buyer beware" situation to say the least, though.