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Wish Braylon Edwards a Happy Birthday

Today is Braylon Edwards' 28th birthday. I am sure his agents might slightly prefer to market a 27 year old receiver than a 28 year old one (more prime years ahead of him), today is a day for Braylon to celebrate. He announced the day on his Twitter page.

GoodMorning World!!! This is a special one...Happy Birthday To ME!!!

If you are on Twitter, head on over to his page to wish him a happy birthday. Show him how much Jets fans appreciate him. Nobody can say whether his feelings on the fans will have any sort of impact on his decision, but it is a nice thing to do for a guy who has given us some great memories these past two seasons.

I think my favorite Braylon moment was not a play. It was the backflip he did in Foxborough after this year's Divisional game. He was doing what we all were thinking at that point. He said Dennis Byrd would inspire him that day, and he played his heart out making some huge plays.

What is your favorite Braylon Edwards moment with the Jets?