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Nick Folk: Stay or Go: Part 4: The Vote

I do not think Nick Folk was as bad as many made him out to be in 2010. I do, however, think the Jets could do better in 2011. Yes, he generally hit the short stuff. That is important. The team could still find a guy just as capable hitting short field goals who is also more reliable on long tries and can kick the ball deep. That feels more valuable.

I think Jets fans should have good feelings about Nick Folk. He did not cost the team any games. He was a huge part of the win against the Vikings. Yes, the game winners at Detroit and Indianapolis were chip shots he should have made. He would have been justifiably criticized had he not. Even so, things go wrong on game winners, particularly with a team's season riding in the balance as the one against the Colts in the Playoffs was.

The Jets can do better, though. I thank Nick for his season in green and white and think the team should find an upgrade. There are always kickers available, either rookie or veteran.

How do you vote?