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Ben Hartsock: Stay or Go? Part 3: The Vote

I am not really a fan of a blocking tight end like Ben Hartsock. A blocking tight end does not need to be Antonio Gates, but he should be able to at least keep a defense honest with the threat of a passing route even if his biggest job is blokcing. Alge Crumpler of the Patriots is a great example. In case Dustin Keller got hurt, the Jets would lose any threat of the tight end being a receiving threat since Hartsock would have to start.

If the team cannot find a decent receiver to be an in line blocker, that team should not spend much on the spot. That is why I think the Jets should release Hartsock. If they want to try and bring him back at the minimum, that is fine. It just does not make much sense to me to spend that kind of money at a spot where the team can get the same production out of using linemen. Blocking tight ends who are not good receivers are cheap. The team might even have a capable one on the roster in Matthew Mulligan. If not, there are plenty out there available for the minimum or even good blocking potential undrafted free agents.

How do you vote?