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Ben Hartsock: Stay or Go? Part 2: His Game and Cost Effectiveness

Ben Hartsock is a one dimensional player. He is essentially a third tackle style of tight end. He is not a threat in the passing game. He has never had more than 12 receptions in a season. That came in 2007. The second most receptions he has in any given season in 4 in 2004. He is not a good route runner. He is not athletic enough to get open consistently. His hands are not good.

Hartsock is a pretty good blocker. He has done good work at the end of the line on the excellent run games the team had in the past two seasons. He has committed some bad penalties, but he is overall strong at the point of attack and identifying his man.

Is that worth $1.6 million, though? The Jets have utilized Robert Turner and Wayne Hunter, offensive linemen by trade, at tight end the past two years in power sets. If the team can use low priced backup linemen to do the same task at a similar level, which these linemen have done, could that $1.6 million spent on Hartsock be allocated in a more helpful place? These linemen add nothing in the passing game, but neither does Hartsock.