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Woody Johnson's Letter to New York Jets Fans

Owner Woody Johnson posted an open letter to fans on the team's website today. It goes as follows:

For a second straight year we had a tremendous season and came within one win of the Super Bowl. Though we came up short, you can rest assured that our ultimate goal remains the same — we want another Lombardi Trophy. For all of your support along the way, we couldn’t be more appreciative. I want to thank you for being the best fans in the NFL.

It is undeniable what these past two seasons have demonstrated — this team is built to win championships. When we stumbled along the way, you helped pick us up and have been behind us 100 percent. You cheered us on in the stands, at home, on Twitter, through Facebook — proudly wearing your green and white.

For the second consecutive season our defense ranked in the top five overall in the NFL. On offense, our rushing yards per game was also top-five for the second year in a row. And I can't say enough about Mike and Rex's leadership. Rex is one of only five head coaches in the Super Bowl era to lead his team to the Conference Championship in the first two seasons at the helm.

As most of you know, our current labor agreement is set to expire in March. Commissioner Goodell and our negotiating team are working very hard with the NFLPA. While I cannot predict when it will happen, I know that we will reach an agreement.

Here at the Jets, we remain committed to an open, fun and innovative culture, engaging and inviting our fans along for the ride. You are an important part of this team and we appreciate your loyalty and dedication. Trust us — our will to win will be that much stronger in 2011. The best of the Jets is yet to come.


At the start of his tenure, I was not sure what kind of owner really was. I was somewhat infuriated during his vacation as the team was searching for a coach after the 2008 season instead of putting the full court press on Bill Cowher. Over the past few years, though, I think he has shown he is a great owner. There are things I don't agree with such as the outrageous ticket prices and PSL's at the new stadium driving fans away from games. At the end of the day, however, he has shown he is willing to spend the money to get top notch talent and keep it in New York. The fact winning is so high up on the list makes him a fantastic owner. The other side stuff like allowing Hard Knocks to give fans extra insight into training camp doesn't hurt either.