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Braylon Edwards: Stay or Go? Part 9: Run Blocking

One area where Braylon Edwards excels is run blocking. He uses his 6'3" frame very well and gives a lot of effort to prevent cornerbacks from being able to help in run support. He is arguably the best the Jets have had in this area since Keyshawn Johnson.

I think we can go overboard with how important this really is. The vast majority of the runs the Jets make do not bounce all the way outside, and even then some go away from Braylon. Receivers are around to make big plays in the passing game. Anything they add as run blockers is really a bonus.

Edwards does provide this bonus to the team, though. It is something worth considering. Championship football can be decided by a play here and a play there. If money is close, the ability to add something as a blocking might be something of a tiebreaker comparing Braylon with other potential vertical threats.