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Braylon Edwards: Stay or Go? Part 10: The Vote

What to make of Braylon Edwards? He is a legitimate deep threat with a great chemistry with a developing quarterback. The team has a more complete receiver it needs to lock up. Braylon has had off field issues that might make the team hesitant to lock him up with a big deal long term. He has shown enough while working and in practice to suggest he deserves a chance to earn that deal.

It seems to be this is the kind of situation the franchise tag was made for. Locking up a pair of wide receivers over the long haul would be tough in the offseason. I am not sure the team could justify taking Braylon over Holmes. Still, keeping Mark Sanchez's receiving corps together would be in his best interest. Many players do not like the franchise tag because it is only for one year and prevents them from signing a contract with a lot of guaranteed money. Braylon had no problem taking a one year restricted free agent tender this season. He says he'd do anything to stay. His actions indicate he would not be a problem if he got the tag.

I want Braylon around for another year. If he stays out of trouble and shows he has turned over a new leaf, he might earn that extension. It is a low risk move. I would rather keep Mark Sanchez comfortable and spend to keep Braylon than say Antonio Cromartie. The Jets already have Darrelle Revis and Rex Ryan. Keeping the offense humming should be more of a priority.