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Braylon Edwards: Stay or Go? Part 8: Love of the Team

One thing I will say about Braylon Edwards is that he seems very happy to be a New York Jet. I think of Lisa Zimmerman's reporting on The Jets Blog on how much his work ethic has improved in practice when I say that. it would be easy to chalk this up to a guy seeking a new deal finding religion, but I think there is something deeper.

Braylon had a reputation as a problem child in Cleveland. He had an ugly contract dispute. With the Jets, he has not had any long term security but has not said a word in complaint. He has said nothing but good things about the organization and its fans. He seems to genuinely love it here.

It is not hard to understand why. He was in football Siberia before. The Browns have not won a Playoff game since they were reincarnated in 1999. Things were hopeless over there. Now he is playing for a winner with the ultimate players' coach. He seems to appreciate that.

That is why I believe him when he says things like the following on Twitter:

I love the jets and will do anything to stay here. I need the jet nation to speak on my behalf

I know a little earlier I said his arrest gave me pause about giving him a new deal. I still am not 100% sure the team could justify it, but I also think there are signs like these that he really does care about staying here.