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Braylon Edwards: Stay or Go? Part 6: Easier to Replace Than Santonio Holmes?

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When we did this feature on Santonio Holmes, I stated my opinion that the Jets should make locking Holmes up a higher priority than Edwards. Part of the reason I believe this is receivers like Edwards are easier to find than receivers like Holmes.

Edwards is an excellent deep threat. He does a great job getting open long and stretching the field. Holmes does all of this and more. He does everything well. I hope it does not come down to choosing one or the other. If it does, though, a guy with the ability to make big plays deep is tough but not impossible. Randy Moss will be available cheap. Malcom Floyd could be a relative bargain.

Keeping Braylon and Holmes together would be fantastic for both of them. It would be fantastic for Mark Sanchez. It would be fantastic for the passing game. It would be fantastic for the New York Jets. If only one can stay, though, Edwards is easier to replace.