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Braylon Edwards: Stay or Go? Part 4: Chemistry With Mark Sanchez

The Jets are still in the midst of developing a young quarterback. For all of the steps forward he took and promise he showed in 2010, Mark Sanchez experienced growing pains. With two of his favorite targets hitting free agency, the Jets have a lot to consider.

While Santonio Holmes was Sanchez's favorite target, he developed very good chemistry with Braylon Edwards. Edwards had his best season since 2007. Numbers do not tell the whole story, though. Anybody could see the trust the quarterback had in Braylon by watching the games. One could see all of the times Sanchez put the ball downfield to a covered Edwards trusting the receiver to make a play or at least prevent an interception.

This was on full display in the final minute of the Wild Card game against the Colts when Edwards made a spectacular catch on Sanchez's perfect back shoulder throw to give Nick Folk a chip shot for the win. To the naked eye, the throw looked somewhat wild. Mark just put it in a spot where only his guy could get it. He trusted Braylon to make a play. The receiver showed why his quarterback trusts him so much.

Would it really be such a good idea to take a developing quarterback away from a guy with whom he has such comfort and familiarity?