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Brodney Pool: Stay or Go? Part 4: The Vote

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I am sure that some will disagree strongly with me, but I want Brodney Pool back. He played very well at the end of the season as he learned the scheme more. With a year under his belt with Rex Ryan, I think he could come back and be more of a difference maker in 2011. He would come cheaply as a good starter. By addressing a position in a cost effective manner, the Jets could turn their money and attention to other places.

My ideal scenario would involve Brodney playing strong safety, either Dwight Lowery or a Draft pick at free safety, and Jim Leonhard in a reserve role like Eric Smith had. Leonhard does things well the team could exploit in subpackages, and unlike Smith, he could be counted on to start.

That scenario has very little chance of happening. The coaching staff seems to love Leonhard's smarts, instincts, and overachieving. If Brodney came back, he would likely play free safety with Leonhard at strong safety. I would not mind that either, but this space is for playing armchair general manager and developing dream scenarios.

I vote stay. How do you vote?