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Antonio Cromartie Speaks

Responding to the rumors that the Jets are prepared to let him go, Antonio Cromartie wrote the following on his Twitter page today:

U know I could careless about a rumor because as of now and until me and my business partners are told otherwise I'm a JET to the end. Gang Green baby. Plus it's just a rumor. Lol

This was not the first rumor. It will not be the last. Plenty of rumors in the offseason end up being false.

I still think it would make sense to put Cromartie lower on the list of priorities. David Harris is the best free agent the Jets have. Receivers to help Mark Sanchez develop should probably rate higher than a number two corner on what will likely be a very good defense either way. Cornerbacks tend to make way too much on the market.

Now if Cro is willing to work with the Jets and perhaps not seek every last dollar, the team should be interested. He is a fantastic athlete. This coaching staff is as good as any with developing defensive players. His natural ability is through the roof. He has potential to be a shutdown corner. At the right price, resigning him could be sound.