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Report: Jets Priorities are Holmes, Edwards, Smith, Cromartie

Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post has reported that despite Michael Lombardi's report of the Jets willing to part ways with cornerback Antonio Cromartie, the Jets are still interested in retaining the player. However, his priority level suggests that his status is still up in the air as a Jet. 

This also means the Jets want to keep Santonio Holmes above all else, and will hope to re-sign everyone else, based on that contract (and David Harris if he receives an extension). Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith are also considered priorities to re-sign. 

It would be tough to retain all 4 players, but depending on the new cap (if there is one) and how much Woody Johnson is willing to budget, I can't rule it out. The fact that the Jets are intent on keeping as many of their own players as possible shows they probably will not make s huge splash in free agency. So, don't count on Namdi Asomugha coming to New York anytime soon. 

Personally, I wouldn't be too disappointed if Brad Smith left. I think the Jets can still get Cromartie to a pro-bowl level of play. Edwards may be willing to take a hometown discount.