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Should Dwight Lowery Move to Safety Full Time?

While we are on the subject of safeties today, I would like to pose a question. The Jets moved Dwight Lowery to safety from corner late in the year after injuries to Jim Leonhard, Eric Smith, and James Ihedigbo left them thin at the spot. It was born out of necessity to a degree, but many of us had been calling for the move for a long time.

Dwight has always looked more comfortable in zone coverage than in man. He has been better making plays in front of him (think jumping Brett Favre's pass late against the Vikings). While he is not a strong tackler, today's passing focused league makes coverage a necessity in a safety and anything else almost a luxury.

Lowery's play also looked pretty good. On television, safeties usually stick out when they get beaten. Dwight seemed to hold up pretty well in the back. He had a pair of interceptions in the last two games of the regular season at the spot and was often the last line of defense in the Playoffs when the team's scheme confounded Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Ben Roethlisberger. Dwight had a few blemishes, but the Jets earned rave reviews for their ability to hold up deep.

It seems obvious to me that Dwight should stay at safety. Growing more comfortable at the position, he would only get better. He did not seem to be growing at corner. What do you think, though?