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Eric Smith: Stay or Go? Part 3: The Vote

Eric Smith is another guy I like. I just think the Jets are going to have a difficult time justifying bringing him back due to the contract he will command. Yes, he has found a niche in subpackages. Yes, he is smart and good against the run. He fails the ultimate question of any backup, though. That question is whether he would inspire confidence as a starter over any extended stretch. He is not athletic enough to hold up in the passing game to provide an affirmative answer there.

After a couple of 10 tackle Playoff games, Smith increased his market value. Teams in need of a safety might be drawn to his positive qualities. The Jets have priorities, though. I think it would be difficult to justify paying too much to a part time backup who would not be a good option as a starter. There are too many other key guys to sign.

I vote go on Eric Smith. How do you vote?