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New York Jets to Let Antonio Cromartie Leave?

As much as I dislike using Florio as a source, he has an interesting story about the potential philosophy of the Jets tonight.

Appearing on NFL Network’s Total Access program Wednesday night, Mike Lombardi cited multiple sources to report that the Jets are likely to let free agent cornerback Antonio Cromartie walk this offseason.

I would be fine with this. Cro had a good season, but even then he is an underachiever. He has more God given ability than Darrelle Revis. He should consistently dominate. The things he does well are too limited considering his athleticism. Plus corners make crazy amounts on the open market.

The Jets rode Darrelle Revis in 2009 and had the best pass defense in the league with Lito Sheppard starting across from him. Cromartie allowed them to mix and match more, but the team can simply lean more on Darrelle to cover the elite exclusively again if Cro walks.