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Randy Moss: Pursue or No? Part 5: The Vote

Randy Moss would not be my first choice. He would actually rank pretty far down my list of the options at wide receiver. If the team resigns both Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes, there is no way it should even be a consideration. Getting Moss playing hard means a starting role.

If the Jets are looking for a cost efficient replacement for one of them, though, I think Moss would make more sense than people are willing to admit. Think about it. The price would be cheap. On a one year deal, the team could cut him for performance or attitude and still have Jerricho Cotchery ready to step in. The upside is playing for Rex Ryan in New York with a chance to get revenge on the Patriots revives his career just as his 2007 trade to New England did.

In the right circumstances, it could work. I would rather see the Jets go after Chad Johnson than Moss, but I think Randy would be an acceptable option in case either Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes leaves. It would leave money to fill other spots.

How do you vote?