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Randy Moss: Pursue or No? Part 4: Price

It is difficult to imagine Randy Moss netting anything other than a one year contract. He is 34, coming off a bad season, and has a lot of baggage. That could make him enticing. There is a lot of talent there. Only a one year deal would eliminate a lot of the risks associated with his personality. If he ever acted up, a team could simply release him and lose nothing.

Eliminating the fact a lot of fans have come to hate him, it could definitely make sense. Eliminate the emotion. Take away the guy's name. Imagine I told you a team could try and catch lightning in a bottle by adding a future Hall of Famer for a cheap contract. Would you not consider it in a vacuum?

While I am sure the thought makes plenty of people sick and question my sanity, it really would not be much of a risk. If his name was not Randy Moss, I think a lot of people would be on board.