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Randy Moss: Pursue or No? Part 3: Chemistry

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Any team willing to take on Randy Moss has to know it is not getting the most mature player. He is a guy who will cause problems. One of the most ridiculous aspects of his departure from Minnesota was the way Brad Childress acted shocked over how many distractions Moss caused. That's what Moss does. A team taking him on hopes his production makes the nonsense he brings palatable.

How big of a deal would that be with the Jets? The team seems like it is a distraction machine. Moss actually might be able to blend in with the head coach making the headlines.

There is another matter to consider. Moss has been in wars of words with both Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie. Those guys do not like or even seem to respect each other. Revis thinks Moss is a slouch for taking plays off. Moss thinks Revis gets too much credit for shutting him down and more help than the perception indicates.

Could this be an issue? Perhaps, but winning seems to cure all problems. Professional athletes might not like each other as opponents, but they often bond on the same team.