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Randy Moss: Pursue or No? Part 2: Potential Production

There is no way to mince words. Randy Moss is coming off a horrible season. He was essentially booted off two teams and only looked like the dominant force he once was in brief flashes. He only had 28 receptions for 393 yards and 5 touchdowns. In the final 8 games with the Titans, he had 6 catches for 80 yards. At 34, he might be legitimately finished.

I do not think this is the case. Part of my reasoning is due to recent history. A lot of people said the same thing in 2006 as he looked disinterested for much of the season playing for a horrible Raiders team. The next year, he set a single season record with 23 touchdowns in New England. What happened? He got into the right environment and found motivation again. He needed a change of scenery.

I think it is pretty clear that Moss has a short shelf life no matter where he goes. In the right situation, though, with the right motivation, I think he can still play. Look at what he did to Darrelle Revis in Week 2 when he wanted to prove a point. Part of the falloff in his production has to be blamed on the turmoil playing for 3 teams with 3 different playbooks in the span of a month can do to a player. It is difficult to catch on.

In new digs, he still might be able to do the job.