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Brad Smith: Stay or Go? Part 5: The Vote

Brad Smith is another free agent who might be restricted or unrestricted depending on the CBA. I love what he brings to the table. He has been an excellent Jet. I just think it would be difficult to justify paying much for him. As great as he is, nothing he does is in high demand. The skills he has come cheaply in the league. His roles can be filled by minimum salaried players.

With Mark Sanchez developing, there will be less need for deception on offense. In fact, depriving Brian Schottenheimer of his Wildcat quarterback and forcing him to play straight up might not be such a bad thing. The Jets have lost Chad Morton, Santana Moss, Justin Miller, and Leon Washington in recent years as return men, but they have not suffered because of Mike Westhoff's blocking schemes.

I think paying much above the minimum for Smith would be a mistake. That money can be allocated better elsewhere. Teams should pay a lot only for things they cannot replace. Teams should not overpay for spare parts.

I like Brad Smith, but I vote go. How do you vote?