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Brad Smith: Stay or Go? Part 3: The Market

Although guys like Brad Smith do things that can be replicated cheaply, part time players perceived to make a unique impact tend to get overpaid on the market. Two guys come to mind. The first was Desmond Howard, a return specialist who won Super Bowl MVP for the Packers. He got a big contract from the Raiders. The second was Antwaan Randle-El, a former quarterback who got a lot of hype despite pedestrian numbers as a wide receiver because of what he brought on trick plays. He got a big contract from the Redskins.

These guys also got to participate in more offensive plays than they should have as part of the deal. Their new teams convinced themselves that giving these guys more snaps was worth the price because of the skills they brought to the table.

I think this is applicable for Smith. Some team out there might very well be so enticed that it will offer more snaps than he should get on offense along with an above market value contract. You might say that Al Davis and Dan Snyder are two of the dumbest owners in the league. That is my entire point. They are still in the league. There is a good chance an owner will overpay Smith in the same way. It might even be one of them.