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Brad Smith: Stay or Go? Part 1: Introduction

Brad Smith was the first of two players the Jets took in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He played quarterback in college at the University of Missouri, where he became the first player in NCAA history to throw for over 8,000 yards and rush for over 4,000 yards in a career.

The Jets took him with the idea of using his athletic ability to mold him into a productive wide receiver. That did not really work out. Smith only has 64 receptions in 5 seasons. His route running and hands are still raw. He did, however, develop into a valuable guy on special teams coverage units. He eventually took on other roles like blocker on the punt team and took over as kick returner and Wildcat quarterback in 2009 after Leon Washington got hurt. Brad never gave those jobs back to the second guy the team took in that fourth round in 2006.

Now like so many others, Smith is about to hit free agency. What is a team to do?