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Shaun Rogers Has Many Suitors

Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog notes that many teams are interested in recently released Shaun Rogers. Rogers is an athletic nose tackle in the mold of Kris Jenkins. We profiled him as a possible target for the New York Jets a few weeks back under the assumption he would come cheaply. Although very talented, he has been inconsistent and has off field baggage.

I stated at the time that I would sign him if he came cheaply. With so much apparent demand for his services, that looks increasingly unlikely. Since he has so much natural ability, I would be fine with a low cost, low risk gamble. Spending a lot on him? I think that would be more difficult to justify. It would put the team at much bigger risk, particularly with so many other key free agents to sign.

What do you think? Does the talent justify a decent sized contract, or would you steer clear? How much would you be willing to spend?