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Shaun Ellis: Stay or Go? Part 5: "Getting Younger"

I would now like to address something I do not understand. I have heard some people talk about how they believe the Jets should let Shaun Ellis go so the team can get younger. That does not make much sense to me. If a guy is an older player and still playing well, why should his age be the sole consideration. Is it not better to have a better old player than an inferior young player?

Now if there are other considerations, that is different. Say a team has a younger, cheaper option who can do a good job. Then perhaps money spent on the older player is best allocated elsewhere to make the team stronger. Just please do not fall into the trap of saying the team should get younger for the sake of getting younger. That seems self defeating. Perhaps if the Jets were rebuilding, it would make sense. On a Super Bowl team, however, it makes sense to make the team as strong as possible.

There are valid reasons for the Jets to not bring back Shaun Ellis. Simply getting younger is not one of them.