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Scouting the Draft: Dontay Moch, Part 6: Conclusion

Moch is an excellent athlete and an excellent football player. Often teams will select a player based purely on athletic potential, even if that guy has not displayed skills on the field. Moch will need a position change from 4-3 end in the NFL, but he was a playmaker at Nevada. He frequently found ways to get himself around the football.

Moch would be something of a project, but I have no problem with taking a project in spots where the coaches are proven at player development (defense and offensive line). I trust the coaching staff could mold him into an excellent player no matter where he ended up.

I would not like to see the Jets select him in the first round. That pick should usually go to a guy who can start right away. Based on his speed, I could see Moch climbing high on teams' boards. If he falls into the middle rounds, I would not mind seeing the Jets pull the trigger at all. I think Moch can be used as an edge rusher on passing downs his rookie year to beef up the team in that department while working on mastering a new position for the future in practice.