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Scouting the Draft: Dontay Moch, Part 5: Position

I think part of the hype surrounding Dontay Moch is that he is something of an empty canvass. He had success playing front in college, but he has speed to play in the secondary. He could be a fit at a number of places. His athleticism and knack for getting to the quarterback make him a candidate for 3-4 outside linebacker. That is a better fit for him than 4-3 end. At end, smaller players get engaged by bigger lineman on most plays because they line up across from each other. At linebacker, more space separates a player from an offensive lineman, which makes it conducive for smaller guys who can win a race to a certain spot.

I have also heard talk about Moch at safety. He has 4.2 speed, which is exceptional for the position. He has the athleticism to hang with guys in man coverage. Once he gets experience tracking the ball and learning technique, he could have tremendous upside once you factor in his blitzing. He would kind of fit the Taylor Mays run like a corner, hit like a linebacker. The difference is Moch would go lower in the Draft, which would make picking him a more reasonable gamble on a project.

I think Moch's initial impact will be limited no matter where he goes. He is awfully small at this point to play three downs as a linebacker. He needs to put on some weight and strength to avoid being worn down. He would probably play on pass rushing downs looking to get the edge. As a safety, he would be even more limited since he would have to learn a new position.

Moch reminds me a lot of Lawrence Timmons when Timmons entered the Draft, albeit Moch owns a speed advantage. Timmons was very athletic but small for a guy up front. He put on weight and found a home at inside linebacker. That is a possibility. Moch would fit the prototype by adding 10-15 pounds. With a little strength, he could play the run, and his speed would make him deadly in coverage and as a blitzer. Perhaps he could replace Bart Scott.

Then again, he would fit the undersized 3-4 James Harrison/Elvis Dumervil outside linebacker mode by adding that much.

The point is Moch is a guy without an obvious position. There are a lot of spots where he might eventually be a fit.