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Scouting the Draft: Dontay Moch, Part 4: Size

At the East-West Shrine Game, Dontay Moch weighed in at a surprising 229 pounds. This was somewhat troubling. That is awfully small for the 3-4 linebacker some had him pegged as. Moch had been listed by his school in the 240-245 range during the year, and even that was at the lower limits of his ideal size.

It is easy to be skeptical of the school's listing also. It is not audited by any third party. Colleges have every incentive to inflate the measurables of their players. It looks better entering a game if their players seem bigger than listed.

Weight in and of itself can be overblown. Some guys play bigger than their weight. Moch was already a bit undersized, though. He was stouter in college than his critics gave him credit for and did hold his own against potential first rounder Anthony Castanzo. Can he play up front, though, and take a consistent beating in the NFL at such a small size? His 6'1" frame might prevent him from growing a lot bigger, but he could afford to add some extra pounds and definitely some muscle if he wants to be up front in the pros.