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Chad Johnson: Pursue or No? Part 5: The Vote

Since he is in the final year of his contract and coming off a relatively down year, I think there is potential for the Bengals to hold a Santonio Holmes style fire sale on Chad Johnson. If that is the case, the Jets will likely at least give him a look. I think he would be a very good alternative if the team cannot keep either Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes. I do not think his recent declining production in Cincinnati was all his fault. A lot of it had to do with bad quarterback play and an improved supporting cast taking targets from him. A change of scenery could revitalize him and his career, particularly a place like New York where he could speak his mind and get the utmost attention.

I would not give up anything substantial for a 33 year old free agent to be. I also question whether the Jets would be able to afford Edwards, Holmes, and him even if Johnson agreed to an extension to lessen his cap number. The obvious move in that case would be to flip Jerricho Cotchery elsewhere, but that would not save much money.

I think this would be a sound move only if the Jets could get him cheap, and one of the Edwards/Holmes duo does not return.

How do you vote?